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Hello, we are iSamovar
We are glad to welcome you in our online store!

The modern world is so busy and fast-paced that moments when you can slow down time and enjoy a cup of tasty tea are truly precious and important. And what is a better tool for the job than the symbol of a tea-party – the Samovar. It turns a tea-party into a real holiday.

We would like to restore old traditions and invite you to visit our store. You will find very different samovars selected specially for any occasion.



Samovars on coal – good for parties with friends in nature, smoke aroma will brighten tea with unmatched taste; your guests will want to stay even when the party is over.

Electric samovars – are simple and convenient, they will become a perfect alternative to an electric kettle, and will for sure outmatch it in design.

Combined samovars – are suitable for any occasion, you can use coal to heat them, or electricity, when you have little time.

You can choose wonderful accessories of high quality. Everything you need for a perfect tea-party.

We offer Samovars from Tula for any taste, of any shapes and capacity. All of them are made of brass – the best material for samovars. Brass is durable, easy to clean and shines like the sun.

Our company was established in 2016. Though we are fresh on the market, we have already earned trust from our customers, because we listen to our clients’ wishes and try to improve our service every day. Satisfied customer is the best reward we desire. We are happy when you like your purchase and service we provide.

You will for sure find a samovar for your taste, but if you find it hard to choose just contact our managers who are eager to help and provide advice on all the questions you might have. Call and write to us, we are available when you are in need!

When you choose a samovar don’t forget friends and family as samovar is a nice present for any holiday.

To browse our assortment just click on the catalogue.


The “iSamovar” online store presents a huge range of different samovars, manufactured in the best traditions of the craftsmen from the city of Tula from the smallest models to big tavern, you will surely find one that suits every taste, and budget. Samovar will certainly become a heartwarming gift for you and your nearest and dearest!

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