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What wood should be used to heat up the samovar?

By Autor Boris Ivanov - 23/04/2021 1311 0 comments
What wood should be used to heat up the samovar?

Only dried wood should be loaded into the furnace pipe. It is cut to splinters suitable for the diameter of pipe. The diameter differs with the capacity of the body of a samovar. One decides what wood to use him or herself. But you must not use spruce trees – as exhalation of resin from such wood might damage metal and spoil the taste of tea. Despite the fact that water is separated from the furnace, it absorbs aroma from the tree used for heating of a samovar. It is better to use birch, oak and other broadleaved species. Adding splinters or branches of cherry-tree, apple-tree, currant-bush and sweet herbs will add fruit and berries taste and wonderful aroma to tea.


How to use coal for heating up of the samovar?


Heating samovar up with wooden coal is considered the most comfortable and fast method. You can use prepared coal bought in the store or coal from the oven or bonfire. It is better not to take coals from cooking barbecue because it is covered with grease, that will make the pipe dirty and give bad aroma to water.

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